On the Wings of Love

Remember the 80’s song ‘On the wings of love’ by Jeffrey Osborne?

‘On the wings of love up and above the clouds The only way to fly is on the wings of love…’

This is a post about love. Not romantic love. I am talking about food love. Chicken wings to be exact. There is simply no other way to describe my intense passion for Moe’s fried chicken wings. Moe’s BBQ is a local favorite with two locations, one near downtown Franklin and one in Cool Springs. Before you judge me for what I’m about to confess, talk to me after you’ve eaten them.

The first time I visited Moe’s, my husband Ken and I were visiting Nashville for the first time. We were hungry after looking at houses all day so we Yelped a good place to eat. Moe’s had great reviews so we decided to give it a try.

I’m not a huge fan of beef or pork so I chose the wings. When I ordered, the woman at the counter said “Dry rub or buffalo?” I chose dry rub even though I’d never heard the term before. I’ve since learned that dry rub wings are simply rubbed with dry spices and then fried. They’re made to order so they come piping hot with Alabama sauce and two sides.

What is Alabama sauce you ask? Alabama sauce is the ketchup of the South. Some people here put it on everything. It’s a mayonnaise base with a touch of vinegar, spices and a dash of hot sauce. Don’t knock it til’ you try it.

Back to the wings. Ten minutes after I ordered, they called my name and after bringing them back to my table, I dug in. Have you ever eaten something so good you couldn’t help but moan with every bite? It wasn’t a Harry Met Sally kind of moan. It was a subtle, mmm, mmm, mmm kind of moan. I barely came up for air and they were gone. Because it was .79 cent wing night, I went back to the counter and ordered four more. My husband watched in disbelief as I savagely ate a second helping of wings.

I acted a little bit like our Peek-a- poo with a rawhide. He’s cute and cuddly but once he gets a rawhide, his primitive instincts kick in and he becomes vicious. It’s the only time he growls at us and it’s pretty hilarious since he’s only eight pounds and looks like a little Ewok. Still, rawhides turn him into something we don’t recognize and that’s what Moe’s wings do to me.

Since falling in love with Moe’s, I’ve tried to find a good back up place for wings. I’ve eaten at several local places and nothing even comes close.

Today, if you asked about my favorite BBQ, I wouldn’t say brisket, pulled pork or even ribs. I would simply say, Moe’s. Middle Tennessee has plenty of great BBQ, but for me, there’s only one place for wings.

Fun fact: If you show up at Moe’s late in the day, especially on holidays, you might not get BBQ. We learned this the hard way on Father’s Day two years ago when, at my husband’s request, we went to Moe’s for lunch. As soon as we walked in the door, the guy at the counter said, “Sorry folks we’re closed…ran outta meat.”

Welcome to the South

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